Hollins Strategic Land – Our Vision
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Our Vision

For your convenience, we have provided a summary of our vision. Please click here to visit our virtual exhibition for more in-depth information.

Concept Masterplan

  1. Green walkways, Public Open Spaces and Wildlife Corridors
  2. Footpaths/cycleways
  3. Recreation and play areas
  4. Allotments
  5. Village Green
  6. “Open to all” Community Hub and Theatre
  7. Car parking for existing community hub and school
  8. Access points
  9. Rail Bridge
  10. Self-build plots

Our vision is about much more than new homes. We aim to create a great place to live, work, rest and play by creating a vibrant, walkable and balanced community. Alongside new homes, our vision seeks to deliver publicly accessible green open spaces and community facilities for enjoyment by new and existing residents.


We aim to create a thriving walkable neighbourhood that incorporates a range of community facilities for enjoyment by new and existing residents. In summary, our vision seeks to:

  • Deliver a central community hub which retains and enhances existing buildings (including the Heald Green Theatre Company building) to include facilities such as a community café, nursery, GP consultation area, and a workplace hub for future home workers;
  • Provide public access to extensive areas of usable and natural green open space and recreational facilities;
  • Deliver around 300 new homes in a range of sizes and styles to cater to different local housing needs, including one to four-bedroom properties and self-build plots;
  • Provide 50% of homes as affordable properties (including affordable rent), suitable for younger people looking to buy and rent their first homes, over 55’s and to help those in need of housing;

  • Provide homes for older people through the provision of smaller properties, bungalows and apartments suitable for those looking to downsize, which will also help to release larger family homes to the wider market;
  • Open up opportunities to link to Rose Vale Park to the south of the site and deliver enhanced children’s play facilities, as well as improved pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site and beyond to enhance accessibility and connections to the wider area;
  • Explore the potential for the delivery of a rail halt to enhance commuter connectivity; and
  • Boost economic growth for local businesses through increased spend from new residents, as well as provide employment opportunities during the construction phase.

Community Facilities

Our vision has been carefully crafted to incorporate various features to improve social wellbeing of new and existing residents. At the heart of the development will be a new ‘open-to-all’ community hub and gardens, which will be made possible by retaining the existing buildings.


Wider community benefits include:

The community hub could include a wide range of facilities for use by local people, including: a café, GP consultation area, flexible working areas and a nursery.

A wide range of recreational facilities including a multi-use games area, bowling green, tennis courts and biodiversity nature trails, designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

The proposals will also secure the long-term future of the Heald Green Theatre Company building.

Extensive networks of usable publicly accessible green open spaces will be delivered in addition to opportunities to improve pedestrian and cycle connectivity to surrounding recreational areas, including Rose Vale Park, the Gatley Brook corridor, Scholes Park and St Ann’s Road North Allotments.

Living Locally – a 20-minute walkable neighbourhood

We believe that our vision presents a unique opportunity to create a new neighbourhood based on 20-minute walkable principles, whilst delivering significant benefits to the wider community and improved social wellbeing.


The neighbourhood will be accessible to existing residents, enabling local people to enjoy new community facilities and green, open spaces.


The location of the site allows for integration into the wider community, whilst providing access to local services, shops and facilities. In turn, this will encourage new residents to ‘live locally’ and help encourage spend in local businesses.


Please visit our virtual exhibition for further details. If you have any questions, please see our frequently asked questions page. To submit your feedback, please visit our online feedback form.