Hollins Strategic Land – FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our plans, check below to see our frequently asked questions and answers. For all other questions, please visit our contact page.


What are you proposing?

Hollins Strategic Land is bringing forward an outline planning application for around 300 new homes, community facilities and enhanced green spaces on land at Gatley Golf Club, Styal Road, Gatley.

Where is the site?

The site is located at Gatley Golf Club, off Styal Road in Gatley, Stockport.

What types of properties are proposed?

A range of homes will be delivered to cater for the diverse range of local housing needs across Stockport, including one to four-bedroom properties. These could include family homes, homes for older people including bungalows, self-build plots and lifetime homes.

Are there any plans to provide affordable housing?

Yes, 50% of the homes will be affordable.

Why do we need new homes?

Stockport Council has identified a need to increase the provision of good quality housing and maintain a mix of sizes, types and tenures, particularly affordable housing, to meet as wide range of needs as possible. Our vision seeks to address this need by providing 50% affordable housing as well as opportunities for those looking to downsize through the provision of smaller properties, bungalows and apartments in addition to providing traditional family homes.


The delivery of much-needed new homes will provide an opportunity for local people and families to put down their roots in Stockport, as well as providing homes for older people seeking to downsize. Furthermore, the location will directly reduce pressure on other areas for development such as Green Belt locations.

How is access achieved?

It is anticipated that access will be from three locations: via Pymgate Lane to the west and new access points at Grasmere Road and Troutbeck Road to the east. Discussions are ongoing with Stockport Council Highway’s Department.

Have you considered the impact on local roads?

Yes, the planning application will be supported by a comprehensive Transport Assessment, which will assess the suitability of the proposed access points and any effects that the proposals may have on the local and strategic road network. The project team will work closely with officers at Stockport Council to determine if any highways improvements are required. Our vision seeks to encourage use of more sustainable modes of transport by residents such as walking and cycling. However, we recognise further journeys need to be made that require other modes of travel. Both Gatley train station and Heald Green train station are located within a 20-minute walk from the site, providing links to Manchester City Centre, Manchester Airport and beyond. Bus services can also be accessed via Gatley and Heald Green. The proposals will explore the potential for the deliver of a rail halt to enhance commuter connectivity.

Have you considered the impact on the environment?

Yes, an Ecological Assessment, Tree Survey and Landscape Assessment will be submitted with the planning application which will identify any mitigation measures that may be required.


Our vision is based on safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing by aiming to deliver above 10% biodiversity net gain and create an environment that is ‘green-led’ to ensure there is a a positive impact on ecology and wildlife.

Will you be retaining the Heald Green Theatre Company building?

The Heald Green Theatre Company building will be retained. We will work closely with representatives from the Heald Green Theatre Company to explore the possibility of improvements at the site.

Why are you consulting?

We are committed to engaging with residents and stakeholders about our vision. Please take this opportunity to view our vision. We welcome your feedback.

How can I comment?

There are a number of ways you can comment, such as completing an online feedback form or calling the community information line on 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.30pm).


You can also email us at gatleyconsultation@havingyoursay.co.uk. All feedback received will be logged and reviewed to help shape any final plans.


We have extended the period for comments on our proposals. Please ensure your comments are now with us no later than Sunday 28th February 2021.